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What is the aim of shear stress distribution?

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What are its applications? (i)   Direct extrusion: The billet is placed in a container and forced by the die through a piston.  (ii)    Indirect extrusion: The extruded part

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Methane containing 4 mol% N 2 is flowing through a pipleline at 105.1 kpa and 22 °C. To check this flow rate, N 2 at the same temperature and pressure are introduced to the piple

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Applications of permanent magnets  a - Applications based on attraction or repulsion forces  b - Applications based on Faraday's induction law c- Application based on Lor

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If 2 grammes of zinc granules was reacted with excesss hydrocloric acid to evolued hydrogen gas which came to completion after 5 minutes. Calculate the rate of the chemical in gram

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I want some lecture notes on properties of pure substances, Ideal gas laws

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