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several questions please help
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What is Radical Reconstruction? What specifically did a radical plan mean for the South?

A king grants a charter to a company. The company returns the profit to the shareholders, provides for settlement and development, ad sends the products to be marked to investors a

Consdier how Imperialism and colonization affects the culture of a colonized society. What about the colonizing country - how are they affected?

The author discusses three items in the Bill of Rights that he calls the "Great Ought's." By this expression he means that these rights are a. the rights that "ought" to exist but

1. The battle of Wounded Knee Creek occurred in what year? _________. 2. How many Native Americans were killed at Wounded Knee?_____ 3. What were the Native Americans doing a

In 1991, the Soviet Union ceased to exist; begin with the fall of 1989 and describe the process that led to this development, what were the consequences for the United States?

I am supposed to get an outside article that can do with anything at all related to American History since 1877.

I'm writing a final essay which discusses how developments in American society both intersected and conflicted with one another in the years between the establishment of the Consti

Describe at least one (1) idea in the United Nations reading and Swindler reading with which you agree

The book is As Long as Grass Grows or Water Runs by Howard Zinn. We have to evaluate how the frontiersmen were considered manipulated people during Indian Removal. Please help