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1. After the Civil War, the South • replaced small farms with large plantations. • farmed in many different ways. • became industrialized • shipped its raw materials to the North f

Analyze the New Left Movement, antiwar movement, gay rights movement, and racial equality movement. What were their goals and to what extent did they realize them? How were they un

What were the famous principles ("truths") of political philosophy enunciated in paragraph two? What were the source and meaning of these principles for the revolutionaries of 1776

In reference to mythology, the greek term logos when literally translated means word or story but refers to a. Crafty 'legalese' or everyday transactional discourse b. Jesus c. The

What were all of the causes of World War II, short and long range? a. Planters lived in elegant mansions b. Planters embraced the cultured gentility of the Chesapeake region and

Is globalization a modern phenomenon or has it always existed? I know about Marco Polo and all that stuff, but does that count?

Description: Based on Robert B. Marks, Origins of the Modern World, Introduction and Chapters 1-3. Required length 750-1000 words. Due by 11:59 P.M. on September 11, 2012. Submi

During the third and second millennia B.C.E. migrations of peoples such as the Hebrews, the Phoenicians, and the Indo-Europeans throughout Eurasia reshaped existing civilizations a

Was the American Revolution a genuine revolution? Why or why not? In your answer be sure to define what you think a genuine revolution needs to do and then support your answer abou

The greatest achievements of the Freedmen's Bureau were in A. providing "forty acres and a mule" to freed blacks. B. education. C. the provision of food and clothing. D. helping