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Why did Athens emerge as the leader of the Delian League? After they united city-states (poleis - singular: polis) finally defeated the Persians for good in 479 BCE, which area of

Describe and evaluate the influence of the physical environment on the world views of the ancient Mesopotamians, ancient Egyptians, the ancient Hebrews and the early Maya. How did

In what ways did the meat packing industry in Chicago defile the meat they were in charge of? Give several examples and at least one direct quote from "The Jungle."

Who were the "new immigrants" in the early 1900s? What did the Immigration Act of 1924 do, and how did that differ from the Immigration Act of 1965?

How was the strategy of massive retaliation supposed to deter the USSR? Why did the Eisenhower administration favor this strategy? In June 1950, war broke out when communist

The Emperor Charlemagne spread Christianity among the Saxons by what?

Redlining, a process used by financial institutions to exploit poor people, refers to 1) exorbitant fees assessed by banks for cashing payroll checks. 2) refusal to lend mone

What were the similarities and differences between Bacon's Rebellion and King Phillip's War?

1. why did President Wilson allow the Allies to include reparations and guilt clause in the Treaty of Versailles? A) He made these concessions in order to secure what he believed w

Why were the Puritans intolerant of people who had dissenting views, even though they had been persecuted in England and what happened as a result of their intolerance?