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The aims of this assignment are to:   

  • Provide experience in the use of a modern Integrated Development Environment (specifically NetBeans running on a Linux platform) for the development of C++ applications;
  • Provide additional experience in the design and implementation of simple C++ classes;
  • Introduce the "Test Driven Development" style for program development;
  • Use program testing tools including unit testing (cppUnit) and code coverage testing.


On completion of this assignment, you should be able to:

1. Make effective use of an IDE for C++ development.

2. Develop a simple project in "test driven development" style.

3. Utilize the cppUnit unit test framework to run test suites on new components of application code;

4. Utilize the gcov code coverage tool to verify the extent to which a complete application has been exercised

The assignment does require that you use the NetBeans IDE as the standard C++ development environment.  The Ubuntu Linux computer systems in laboratory will have this system installed.


You should read the description of the Scramble Word Game (SWG) System in Appendix A before reading these task details. 

You are to implement the application described in those notes, and then produce a report on your application, and your development process.  Your report should demonstrate that:

  • appropriate use was made of the IDE,
  • You have followed an iterative style of development creating and testing component classes prior to assembling them into complete programs
  • You have tested your final programs thoroughly.

You prepare a report on your final code, your development process, and your testing.  This report should be prepared in a word processor (Microsoft Word, or Open Office Word Processor) and should contain formatted listings of code, code coverage testing listings, screen shots, and segments of captured console output.  The final report is submitted as a PDF document.

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