Scan line polygon fill and seed fill or flood fill algorithm, Computer Graphics

1.  Distinguish among Scan line polygon fill and Seed fill or Flood fill algorithm?

Scan Line Polygon

Flood Fill Algorithms

?1. This  algorithm  checks  and  alters the attributes that is features and parameters of the pixels along the  current  raster  scan  line.  Once it crosses from outside to the within of a boundary of the identified polygon or the other region, it  starts  resetting  the  colour  or as gray attribute, in effect filling the region along which scan line. These changes back to the original attribute while it crosses the boundary again.

? 2.  Polygon filling is time capturing.

? 1. Flood Fill Algorithms.  In these, the algorithm begins       with       the coordinates of a identified point (termed  as  the  "seed")  within  the polygon to be filled, and proceeds outwards  from  this,  testing  the adjacent pixels around it in arranged fashion, till the spreading wave reaches the boundary in all directions.


?  2.  Polygon filling is fairly quick.


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