Repeating a statement until a condition becomes true, Visual Basic Programming

You can employ until keyword in two ways to verify a condition in a Do...Loop statement. You can verify the condition before you enter the loop (as illustrated in the following ChkFirstUntil instance), or you can verified it after the loop has run at least once (as illustrated in the ChkLastUntil instance). As long as the condition is False, the loop will be continues.

Sub ChkFirstUntil()

Dim counter, myNum counter = 0

myNum = 20

Do Until myNum = 10 myNum = myNum - 1 counter = counter + 1


MsgBox "The loop made" & counter & "repetitions." End Sub

Sub ChkLastUntil()

Dim counter, myNum counter = 0

myNum = 1


myNum = myNum + 1 counter = counter + 1

Loop Until myNum = 10

MsgBox "The loop made " & counter & " repetitions." End Sub

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