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) What is the difference between re-locatable program and re-locatable data?

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RET : Return from the Procedure:- At each CALL instruction, the register IP and register CS of the next instruction is pushed to stack, before the control is transferred to the

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1- Write an assembly program that:   a- Defines an array of 10 (word type)elements;   b- Finds out the number of negative elements   c- Calculate the summation of the posi

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CMPS : Compare String Byte or String Word:-The CMPS instruction may be utilized to compare two strings of Words or byte. The length of the string ought to be stored in the CX. If

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This unit introduces the topic of evaluating interactive products. It is a short unit as evaluation is discussed in more detail in Block 4. Its brevity should give you additional t

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The Pentium Pro    Introduced in the year 1995, the Pentium Pro reflected  still  more  design  breakthroughs.  The Pentium Pro may process 3 instructions in a single clock cy

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III rd Generation Microprocessor: The single 3rd generation microprocessor chip having 64-pins began with the introduction of 16-bit Intel 8086 in 1978. The other essential

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Type of Microprocessor : Microprocessors fall into 3 categories: Single Chip Microcomputers: - Contains RWM, ROM, microprocessor, I/O port, timer and clock. General pu

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Memory Segmentation : The  memory in an 8086/8088  based system is organized as segmented memory. In this scheme, the whole physically available memory can be divided into a n

Calculator, how to add 111 and 333 in assembly language

how to add 111 and 333 in assembly language

Assembly language assignment, The main objective of the assignment is to ex...

The main objective of the assignment is to explore the knowledge regarding parallel ports of a computer system. You can read and write datato/from the parallel port using IN and OU

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