Purchasing a database program, Basic Computer Science

When purchasing a database program, you must have a clear idea of what you need it for. Ask yourself the following questions.

(1) Will it perform all (he operations necessary for my system?

Many programs will manage 90% of what you want, but only a few will manage 100%. Your computer system will be a waste of time and money if it is a 'ninety percent', because you will have to operate a paper system in parallel. For example, can the program:

Carry out batch processing, e.g. updating an entire file?

Manipulate alpha, numeric and data information?

Select records on matching or mismatching the contents of more than one field?

(d) Sort the data file into ascending or descending order on the contents of one or more fields?

(e) Produce useful reports to both a visual display unit and a printer?

(f) Link to another program, e.g. store a file of address data which can be used with a word-processing program for a mail merger?

(2) Is it large enough?

In this context beware of a common mistake, i.e. do not buy an educational program and expect it to carry out a business function. Check the possible:

(a) Number of files

(b) Number of records per file

(c) Number of fields per record

(d) Number of characters per field.

These features are interdependent to a certain extent but it is important to ascertain upper limits.

(3) 1s its cost justified?

'You do not get what you do not pay for' in the computing world.

However, it always pays to shop around. Some suppliers will adhere to a heavily marked-up tariff while others will offer massive discounts, particularly in the education sector. Make sure that if yeti accepts a large discount, you do not lose out on training.

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