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a) Write a short note on each of the terminologies below pertaining to multimedia:

i) Developers.
ii) Users.
iii) Authoring Tools.
iv) Product.

b) Software drivers for multimedia are used to control specific hardware functions. The drivers must be able to interface the operating system, and ultimately the application program, to the specific hardware. Drivers are usually specific to hardware devices although some de facto industry standards have emerged that make drivers more universal.

List four multimedia devices for which you believe software driver is required and exists.

c) Multimedia hardware enables the computer to perform some unique functions. Describe five important functions in term of multimedia for any hardware peripheral that you have come across.

d) State two properties of vector-based graphic files?

e) A great variety of input devices can be used for development and delivery of a multimedia project. Briefly describe the following input devices:

i) Trackball.

ii) Touch screen.

iii) Graphic Tablets.

iv) OCR Devices.

v) Voice Recognition Systems.

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