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Answer 1
The project selected for the purpose if analysis and for discussion of project management tools is of a marriage event, which is very much a real life event. This is one such event wherein there is involvement of large number of resources and also the movement of various factors. With the help of all these factors the final outcome is achieved at. Since the entire process is excessively complex and cumbersome, there are some overlapping activities as well, which needs to be taken care of adequately. It is therefore essential to use project management tools to find out the real sequence of the activities for the purpose of determining the real sense of project management. We have therefore specifically covered two major project management tools, namely, AOA activities and Gantt Chart for the purpose of ease of reference and proper understanding of the related concepts.
The activities are in relation to the overall management of a marriage event and there are many functions which are involved in the said process. One is therefore required to ensure that all such activity is smoothly carried out in thorough process so that there are no errors or flaws and there is no overlapping nature of work processes. Hence it is important to ensure that the structure of the task is to be regulated in the prescribed manner and is done in integrated manner, so as to have a better management of work.

Answer 2
The following is the expected duration of the various activities involved in the wedding:
Activity Activity Time Required (Days) Precedence Resource
A Determine Date 4 F Availability of Hall
B Obtain Marriage License 3 - Date Determine
C Select Bridal Attendants 2 A List of Relatives
D Order Dresses 5 A Bride Outfit
E Fit Dresses 3 D Bride Outfit
F Select Groomsmen 5 B Bride Outfit
G Order Tuxedos 3 C Bride Outfit
H Find and Rent Church 4 C, A Marriage Ceremony
I Hire Florist 3 E, I Marriage Decoration
J Develop/print programs 5 H Marriage Ceremony
K Hire Photographer 4 I Other Marriage Events
L Develop Guest List 6 K List of Relatives
M Order Invitations 3 L List of Relatives
N Address and mail invitations 2 J List of Relatives
O Compile RSVP list 5 N List of Relatives
P Reserve Reception Hall 4 N,M Marriage Ceremony
Q Hire Caterer 1 M Marriage Ceremony
R Determine Reception Menu 3 O Marriage Ceremony
S Make Final Order 4 P Marriage Ceremony
T Hire Band 3 Q Other Marriage Events
U Decorate Reception Hall 4 T Marriage Decoration
V Wedding Ceremony 2 R,T Marriage Ceremony
W Wedding Reception 2 R Marriage Ceremony
X Other functions relating to Wedding 4 V Marriage Ceremony
Y Post wedding procedures and arrangements 3 W Marriage Conclusion
Z Outstation guests management and their travelling arrangement 2 U Guest Relation
AA Settlement of Hotel and Catering Bills 4 X,Y,Z Account Settlement
AB Management of other affairs relating to marriage 3 AA Successful Conclusion

The network diagram for the above concerned range of activities is provided hereunder:

The various paths for the above schedule of activities are presented hereunder:
Path Network
1 b-f-a-c-h-i-p-q-r-s-j-v-w-x-y-z-aa-ab
2 b-f-a-c-h-i-p-m-n-o-j-v-w-x-y-z-aa-ab
3 b-f-a-c-h-i-l-m-n-o-j-v-w-x-y-z-aa-ab
4 b-f-a-c-h-i-k-t-u-v-w-x-y-z-aa-ab
5 b-f-a-d-e-i-p-q-r-s-j-v-w-x-y-z-aa-ab
6 b-f-a-d-e-i-p-m-n-o-j-v-w-x-y-z-aa-ab
7 b-f-a-d-e-i-l-m-n-o-j-v-w-x-y-z-aa-ab
8 b-f-a-d-e-i-k-t-u-v-w-x-y-z-aa-ab
9 b-f-a-g-i-p-q-r-s-j-v-w-x-y-z-aa-ab
10 b-f-a-g-i-p-m-n-o-j-v-w-x-y-z-aa-ab
11 b-f-a-g-i-l-m-n-o-j-v-w-x-y-z-aa-ab
12 b-f-a-g-i-k-t-u-v-w-x-y-z-aa-ab

The duration of the various paths are provided hereunder:

Path Duration
1 81
2 79
3 84
4 82
5 83
6 76
7 85
8 77
9 79
10 78
11 82
12 83
From the above details of the duration, it can be seen that Path 7 shall take the highest duration. Hence this path is considered to be the critical path. This path is considered to be the critical path because the completion of this path is the most important and since all the activities must be completed before the wedding can actually take effect, the path which takes the maximum time shall be considered to be the critical path for the activity in consideration. In this matter there is a requirement that all the activities lying under the critical path must be completed at the foremost level, and once the same is completed in time, the other activities would have automatically complete by then. Hence it can be said that the path which takes the longest duration to complete is considered to be the critical path, and in the case under consideration, Path 7 takes the longest time of 85 days, and hence this is considered to be the critical path for the wedding plan.

Answer 3
Gantt Chart
Activity Time Required (Days) 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85
A 4
B 3
C 2
D 5
E 3
F 5
G 3
H 4
I 3
J 5
K 4
L 6
M 3
N 2
O 5
P 4
Q 1
R 3
S 4
T 3
U 4
V 2
W 2
X 4
Y 3
Z 2
AA 4
AB 3

Answer 4
The project network diagram and Gantt Chart are important and a very effective tool in determining the overall process of project management. This is because of the reason that the project management is the process which involves the completion of a large number of activities and there are various activities which go on simultaneously. There is a need to have knowledge of the activities which are going on together and also the effect and impact of each one of them in the overall placement and situation of the activity in the entire project. The next and the preceding activity is also required to be known in order to align the tasks in the practical world. These objectives are achieved in the process of AOA Diagram. The AOA diagram as a project management tool is one of the most popular project management tool, and this comes into implementation the day when the project starts till the end of the project, and it is because of this that the same is used widely in any project management process. One cannot assume that there would be a project and an integrated project without an AOA Diagram. This helps to have an analysis of the entire project in a screen shot. Moreover with the help of the project management tools the critical path can be known and also the slack time at each level of operations could be known. This would help us to determine the degree of slack in each activity and efforts can be taken by the management to reduce those slack time. The critical path can be ensured to be complete within the prescribed time, as non completion of this would delay the entire project. The analysis and the relative knowledge of all these are available only with the help of the same. Hence it would be proper for the management to have a review of the same and they can decide to form an informed decision. With the help of the AOA diagrams which have been illustrated in this assignment, one can understand the relative importance of the activities which are required to complete one set of task. With the knowledge of the same, there can be effective control, and management of the entire work flow. One can from the completion of any task, or even in the mid-way to the completion of the task, get to know how much is the desired time for the entire event completion, or whether the concern has been able to complete a certain percentage of the task as required.
The Gantt Chart helps in determining the relative efficiency and the percentage completion of all the tasks in an outlook. This chart depicts the position of the events at a glance and helps in determining which tasks have been completed and which are still pending to be done. This again acts as an effective guide in monitoring the overall progress of activities in a project environment. This has an impact of knowing with relative efficiency the manner in which the firm can control the completion targets of the project.
It becomes important at times to know the percentage of task completed from the level of activity which can be seen from the overall picture of the transactions. It is an important and essential requirement for the performance of the task to get an overview o f he percentage completed, and which tasks are such which are yet to be completed. A combined reading and interpretation of all these factors would help in the determination of these requirements and accordingly the firm or the project manager responsible for the completion of project would be in a position to well monitor and regulate the completion of entire activity. It is an important requirement to know the status of individual assignments and projects which can determine ones activity and can help the achievement of objectives. In order to have an effective control over the related tasks and the area of completion, one would be able to ensure that all activities in the organization are completed as per the requirements.
Hence it can be said that both the project management tools namely the Gantt Chart and the AOA Diagram are an effective project management tool for the organization and for analysis and decision making purpose.


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