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Q. Programming languages array operations?

In programming languages array operations are written in compact form which frequently makes programs more understandable.

Consider the loop:


                do i=1,n



                 end do

It can be written (in Fortran 90 notation) in following manner:

             a (1:n) = b(1:n) +c(1:n)

             s=sum (a(1:n))

Besides Fortran 90 there are numerous languages which provide succinct operations on arrays. A number of the mainly popular are and MATLAB and APL. Even though these languages weren't created for parallel computing relatively for expressiveness they can be used to state parallelism as array operations can be effortlessly executed in parallel. So all arithmetic operations (+, -, * /, **) included in vector expression may be performed in parallel. Intrinsic reduction functions like the sum above can be performed in a parallel too.

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