Program of file data, C/C++ Programming

Program of file data:

FileData::FileData( ffblk& blk ) :

    fileName( blk.ff_name ),

    fileDate( (blk.ff_fdate >> 5) & 0x000F,

              blk.ff_fdate & 0x0001F,

              (blk.ff_fdate >> 9) + 1980 ),

    fileSize( blk.ff_fsize ),

    fileTime( blk.ff_ftime >> 11,

              (blk.ff_ftime >> 5) & 0x3F,

              blk.ff_ftime & 0x1F )




void FileData::printOn( ostream& outputStream ) const


    outputStream << setw( 14 ) << setiosflags( ios::left )   << fileName

                 << setw( 18 ) << fileDate

                 << setw( 17 ) << resetiosflags( ios::left ) << fileTime

                 << setw( 10 ) << fileSize << " bytes";



int FilesByName::isEqual( const Object& testFile ) const


    return fileName == ( (FilesByName&)testFile ).fileName;



int FilesByName::isLessThan( const Object& testFile ) const


    return fileName < ( (FilesByName&)testFile ).fileName;



int FilesByDate::isEqual( const Object& testFile ) const


    return fileDate == ( (FilesByDate&)testFile ).fileDate &&

           fileTime == ( (FilesByDate&)testFile ).fileTime;



int FilesByDate::isLessThan( const Object& testFile ) const


    if( fileDate == ( (FilesByDate&)testFile ).fileDate )

        return fileTime < ( (FilesByDate&)testFile ).fileTime;


        return fileDate < ( (FilesByDate&)testFile ).fileDate;



int FilesBySize::isEqual( const Object& testFile ) const


    return fileSize == ( (FilesBySize&)testFile ).fileSize;



int FilesBySize::isLessThan( const Object& testFile ) const


    return fileSize < ( (FilesBySize&)testFile ).fileSize;


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