Program is to perform all the functions of super bazaar, C/C++ Programming

Program is to perform all the functions that are performed in a super bazaar:

class stock



    int itno;

    char itname[20];

    char brname[20];

    float utprice;

    int quantity;



    stock() //  constructor for assigning initial values



                strcpy(itname, "deodrant");

                strcpy(brname, "oriflame");




    void input();

    void info();

    void comp();



 void stock::input()



   cout<<" enter the item no. "<<"\n";


   cout<<" enter the name of commodity "<<"\n";


   cout<<" enter the brand name of the commodity "<<"\n";


   cout<<" enter the amount of quantity u want to purchase";



  void stock::info()





     cout<<" the commodity is available "<<"\n";




    cout<<" SORRY ! the stock has been finished ";





   void stock::comp()



    int net;

    net=quantity*utprice+10;// 10 taken as sales tax initially

    info(); // function called

    cout<<" the item number is: "<

    cout<<" the item name is: "<

    cout<<" the brand name of commodity is: "<

    cout<<" the  quantity is: "<

    cout<<" the unit price is: "<

    cout<<" net amount payable including sales tax (5%) is: "<



  void main()


    stock market;




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