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principle of 120 degree mode of operation of voltage source intverter

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Improving joints and connections - energy loss, Improving Joints and Connec...

Improving Joints and Connections - Energy Loss Improper joints are a source of energy loss in both overhead and underground systems. The conductivity of joint should not be le

Calculate sending-end voltage at 0.9 pf lagging, A three-phase, 34.5-kV, 60...

A three-phase, 34.5-kV, 60-Hz, 40-km transmission line has a per-phase series impedance of 0.2+j0.5/km. The load at the receiving end absorbs 10 MVA at 33 kV. Calculate the follow

Theft or pilferage of power by the existing customers, Theft or Pilferage o...

Theft or Pilferage of Power by the Existing Customers Power theft through the existing consumers is the predominant cause of loss of revenue to the electrical utilities. Almos

Design the high-pass filter, Q. Design the high-pass filter shown in Figure...

Q. Design the high-pass filter shown in Figure (by determining C) to have a half-power frequency of 1 MHz.

Explain dielectric constant, Write short note on dielectric constant. A...

Write short note on dielectric constant. All insulation material has the capacity to store charge while placed in among two conducting plates as in capacitors. Dielectric const

Calculate the antenna aperture area, Q. Amicrowave relay systemuses two ide...

Q. Amicrowave relay systemuses two identical horn antennas mounted on towers spaced 40 km apart. If f c = 6 GHz, and each relay hop has L = 60 dB, calculate the antenna aperture a

Governer, governer characteristics

governer characteristics

Explain the term half duplex transmission, Explain the term half duplex tra...

Explain the term half duplex transmission. A half duplex channel can receive and send, but not at similar time. It's as a one-lane bridge where two-way traffic should give way

Evaluate apparent depth of a needle, Q. A tank is filled with water to a he...

Q. A tank is filled with water to a height of 12.5cm.The apparent depth of a needle lying at the bottom of the tank is measured by a microscope to be 9.4cm.What is the refractive i

Speed control of stepper motor by using microcontroller 89c5, Hello sir, m ...

Hello sir, m engineering final year student, we made a project as I mentioned above, I wanna add some extra feature on it, meant to modified it...want to add up some extra feature

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