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Learning Outcomes:

1. Use different program control statements in a programming language

2. Demonstrate the use of arrays with a programming language

3. Define and work with classes and objects in a programming language.

1.1 a. XYZ Group is a leading construction company in Oman and they are specialize in delivering solutions to diverse businesses in Oman and UAE. Inorder to motivate the employees, the company has decided to announce the different types of bonus depends up on the employee''s Grade

If the employee belong to

Grade A bonus=20% basic

Grade B bonus=15% basic

Grade C bonus=10% basic

Grade D bonus=7% basic

Grade E bonus=5% basic

Write a Java program using classes and object to read the employee code (Integer), employee name (string), Basic salary (double), Category (Character) then calculate the bonus (double) and the total salary (double) eligible for each employ. The output should have the employee code, employee name, basic salary, grade bonus and the total salay. The program must use switch-case construct for calculations. Test your program for 5 employees.

Sample Output

Employee code 1234

Employee Name : aaaaa

Basic Salary : 1000 OMR

Grade : A/B/C/D/E

Bonus : 1111 OMR

Total Salary : Basic salary + Bonus

b. Students are instructed to show the 5 test cases for the above scenario

1.2 Write a Java program to declare and store numbers from 1 to 10 in a single dimensional array and display the output in the following format.


2 3

4 5 6

7 8 9 10

1.3 a. Oman Data Park is an organization in Oman providing IT Services to its customers. The company has a turnover of around 2.0 Billion OMR in a year. The company has assigned with a new project to automate the electricity bill processing using Java technology. As a learners of Java technology you are expected to help the Oman Data Park by wring a Java program using classes and objects that calculates and prints the monthly electricity bill for the customers. The programs should read the customer number (Integer), Customer name(string), previous month reading (Integer), current month reading (Integer).

Note: Assume that OMR refers to Omani Rials


Units consumed=current month reading-previous month reading

First 100 units, unit rate = 1.25 OMR

Next 250 units (101-250), unit rate = 3.10 OMR

Next 300 units (251-550), unit rate = 5.00 OMR

Remaining units, unit rate = 4.00 OMR

A sample output is as follows:

Customer Id : 1234
Customer Name : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Previous Month reading : 1000
Current Month reading : 2200
Units consumed : 1200
Total amount (OMR) : 111111

b. Students should show the result for 5 different values

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