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Define clipping, Define clipping and covering (exterior clipping)? Clip...

Define clipping and covering (exterior clipping)? Clipping is the process of cutting a graphics display to neatly fit a predefined graphics region or the view port.  This is

Dda, differentiate between dda and bresenhams line algorithm

differentiate between dda and bresenhams line algorithm

Illumination model - polygon rendering & ray tracing methods, Illumination ...

Illumination Model - Polygon rendering and ray tracing methods Theoretically illumination is exposure of a thing to the light that contributes to light reflected by an object

Two kinds of video tele conference systems, There are mostly two kinds of V...

There are mostly two kinds of Video Tele Conference systems: 1) Desktop systems are add-ons to normal PC's, transforming them in Video Tele Conference devices. A range of variou

Perform a x-direction shear transformation, 1. If you perform a x-direction...

1. If you perform a x-direction shear transformation and then a y-direction shear transformation, will the result be the same as the one which is obtained when it is simultaneous s

Raster scan display device - types of refresh monitors, Raster Scan Display...

Raster Scan Display Device - types of refresh monitors Now day screen display is also based on Cathode ray Tube technology, except that in place of displaying the picture tra

Explain three dimensional transformations, Explain Three Dimensional Transf...

Explain Three Dimensional Transformations A 3D geometric transformation is utilized extensively in object modelling and rendering. 2D transformations are naturally extended to

Transformation for 3-d translation, Suppose P be the point object along wit...

Suppose P be the point object along with the coordinate (x,y,z). We want to translate such object point to the new position as, P'(x',y',z') through the translation Vector as V=t x

Differentiate between spatial and temporal interpolations, Question 1: ...

Question 1: (a) Define what you understand by the following terms: i) Pixel ii) Pixel Aspect Ratio iii) Frame rates. iv) Animation In each of the above, use diagr

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