Other determinants of sample size- sampling decisions, Operation Research

Other  Determinants  of Sample Size

1. The variability  of elements  within the population  has become  a  very  important  factor  to decide the  sample  size.    The more  variable  the strata or cluster the large the sample  taken  from the  population.

2.Cost exerts a direct  impact  on the  stratified or cluster  samples. Unequal costs per observation by  start or by cluster are also  taken into  consideration for  deciding  the sample  size. The researcher therefore   makes an initial estimate of the  cost.

3. The precision is also  taken  account of besides the cost and variability  to determine  the sample  size.

4. The tolerable error variance  of stratum confidence level  etc.  Are also  conserve to decide the  sample  size.

5. The  respondents  attitude may also  influence the sample  size. In  case of  mail surveys  some  residents  may not  reply. The  sample  size  may be  restricted with  the willingness of the  respondents  to respond  to the questionnaires. Even  if the  questionnaires is unattended a second  questionnaires and a third  follow up letter may be  sent to  the respondents. These attempts will  increase  the sample size.

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