Organising of management, Management Theories


Organizing consists of the following sub-functions:-

a) Identifying and analyzing the activities for the achievement of objectives and implementation of plans.

b) Grouping of activities so as to create different jobs.

c) Assigning of the activities to several groups and departments.

d) Establishing relationship among individual jobs.

e) Establishing a network of coordinating machinery.


a) Attainment of objectives.

b) Enhance managerial efficiency.

c) Facilitate coordination.

d) Facilities growth and change.

e) Adoption of new technology.

f) Stimulate creativity.

g) Human use of human resources.

h) Synergism.

i) Harmony of interest and personality.

j) Facilitates communication.

k) Executive development.

l) Facilitates execution of plans.

m) Ensures stability of enterprise.

n) Achieves both effectiveness and efficiency.

o) Meet multiple needs.

p) Makes values.

q) Evaluate the performance of employees.

r) It facilitates adequate and effective control.

s) It reduces employee turnover


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