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Theobjectiveoftheassignment is tofamiliarize youwithinheritance, GUIand abstraction.
Create anabstractclass named that includesprivatefields for the InternationalStandard BookNumber(ISBN),price, author anda protected fieldtitle. Include properties for eachfield. (An ISBN is aunique number assigned to eachpublished book.) Providepublicget and set accessors for eachfield.Create a child class named that includes aprivategrade levelfield, andachildclass that contains no aditionalfields.(Note: Youyourself have to decide on the data type and name ofthe field.)The following class diagram demonstrates the scenario. Include agetTitleabstract method (which is just an
accessor method) in theBookclass and override this method in its subclasses.



In the child classes, overide the accessormethodofa ’sprice so that s must be pricedbetween $20.0 and $80.0, inclusive, and themust bepriced between $35.0 and$10.0, inclusive.Also provide get and set accessors forgrade levelfieldin theclass named .Overloadconstructors for allclasses.

Design two User Interfaces (forms):ILoginandIBook.
TheILoginwill be used to get access to the IBook interface. Once successfully logged-in the IBookinterface should be displayed. (Use the following data for Login?UserName: User1; Password:
passwd )
respectively.Use Either JLabel,JTextField and JButton ortheJOptionPane instead, fordata entry, i.e.setting values forthe datamembers andoutputthevaluesof allthe data membersin anicely formattedfashion.(Note: youyourself have to anticipatethe display of the interface)You are only required to validate the Books price in TextBook and CoffeeTableBook Classes. Assume that the
user does the other work (entry) correctly i.e. no other error handling is required.
for eachsuper & subclassmethod to describe what the method is doing when invokedbythe mainprogram.Also writeyourstudent Id number, name and program of study at the top of theJFrame classusing comments.

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