Nucleophilic replacement reactions, Chemistry

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Nucleophilic Replacement Reactions

 (i) Several replacement reactions, majorly at the saturated carbon atom in aliphatic compounds like alkyl halides, are brought about by nucleophilic reagents / nucleophiles.

1908_Nucleophilic replacement reactions 1.png

(ii) As weaker the basicity of a set of the substrate, the better is its leaving ability. Leaving power of the group

2374_Nucleophilic replacement reactions 2.png

(iii) The leaving energy of a few nucleophilic sets are specified below in decreasing order,

2278_Nucleophilic replacement reactions.png

(iv) In these reactions leaving group of the substrate is replaced through other nucleophile. If molecule is neutral after that leaving group is replaced by negative part of the molecule. Negative phase of the reagent is generally nucleophilic in character.

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