Need help in youtube type script with some custom work, PHP Web Programming

YouTube type script with some custom work

I need a video sharing/uploading website very alike to YouTube and the three links below. The normal features and options including apps for phones as well as we need a pay module to be able to charge the member for LOADING videos on this site. Thus this is to be where the videos go on my server not just from YouTube. This isn't a module that only pulls from YouTube but it can likewise have that option. I would like it to have an app for phones as several of the scripts now have.

To recap I want an open source script that works like YouTube on my server and has apps and can charge the person loading the vide as well as all the other normal functions this type of site would have as well as needs to be secure for my server.

Desired Skills are MySQL Administration, HTML, PHP, Web Programming, Video Publishing

Posted Date: 1/28/2014 5:10:45 AM | Location : United States

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