Need android - ios pdf reader, JAVA Programming

Project Description:

Our project consists of a plain application, both for iPad/iOS (Newsstand app) and Android 4.x which will download PDF magazines from the internet, after having paid them with inAppPurchase and inAppBilling.

The first view indicates the last 4 issues available, with the subsequent info:

- a thumbnail of the cover

- title

- short description

- price

- two buttons: buy and abstract. After an issue has been bought, then only one button in place of these two is given, labeled read.

In the History view, you have all the thumbnails of the issues yet published. Below or beside them, there should be one button, which leads you to read the problem if already bought or to buy the selected issue. In the first case, the label of the button would be Read, in the second Buy.

In the Profile view there should be 3 buttons:

- one to restore the previous purchases

- one to purchase an annual subscription

- on to send an e-mail to a certain e-mail address

The purchases have to be doable via inAppPurchase (iOS) and inAppBilling (Android). We will provide you with test users and we will absolutely organize the inApp products in our developer accounts to help you testing the app.

Issues are in PDF format and should be readable with a iBooks-like series of gestures (swipe to change page with curl effect, zoom, etc.).

Skills required are HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Objective C, Mobile Phone

Posted Date: 1/31/2014 2:40:05 AM | Location : United States

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