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explain nature of plasma membrane?

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Q. Where in eukaryotic cells does mRNA synthesis take place? To where do these molecules migrate? Messenger RNA molecules are synthesized within the nucleus, pass through gain

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Q. Describe the phylogenetic system of classification? 1) Hutchinson believed in Monophyletic origin of Angiosperms from a hypothetical group, which he' named, as Proangiosperm

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What are the antigens and the respective antibodies of the ABO blood group system? The ABO blood system contain the erythrocytic antigens A and B that can be attacked by the an

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Q. Explain the Spring clip model? The spring clip model differs from the spring model in a way that the force applied is comparatively slower. This also depicts elasticity or p

Platelet, What happens if platelets aren''t present in blood?

What happens if platelets aren''t present in blood?

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1)  You want to clone the arg3 gene, which encodes an enzyme in the arginine biosynthetic pathway in Neurospora crassa.  You have available the E. coli plasmid vector shown in part

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Research and Documentation - Conservation of wildlife First, list of endangered species are established by various national and international agencies. Another important actio

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Describe the term - Ambulacral groove The groove that runs down the oral surface of each echinoderm arm and contain the tube feet. If the region contains a visible furrow, or gr

Define the redia larva - platyhelminthes, Define the Redia Larva? Redia...

Define the Redia Larva? Redia is the third larval stage in the life cycle of F. heputicn. Redia develops from the germ cell Is of the sporocyst and comes out of the sporoc

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Explain Classification Based on Digestive Fate of Carbohydrates? The digestive fate of carbohydrates depends on their inherent chemical nature (monosaccharide composition and t

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