Multiplication of complex numbers, Mathematics

Multiplication of complex numbers:

Example 1:

Combine the subsequent complex numbers:

(4 + 3i) + (8 - 2i) - (7 + 3i) = 


(4 + 3i) + (8 - 2i) - (7 + 3i) = (4 + 8 - 7) + (3 - 2 - 3)i

= 5 - 2i

Example 2:

Multiply the subsequent complex numbers: (3 + 5i)(6 - 2i)=


(3 + 5i)(6 - 2i)  = 18 + 30i - 6i - 10i2

= 18 + 24i - 10(-1)

= 28 + 24i

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