Modularization of steam generators, Mechanical Engineering

Q. Modularization of Steam Generators?

Vendor shall design and fabricate the high pressure Steam Generators so that a minimum of field assembly will be required.

Module shipping size and weight restrictions shall be considered by the Vendor when defining and fabricating the modules.

Vendor shall guarantee that all components can be transported by road from point of manufacture to job site.

All components shall be pre-fitted and tested in the manufacturer's shop prior to shipping to ensure proper fit-up. Tapered end dowels shall be provided, one on each corner of a section, to facilitate field installation.

Vendor shall include, with his installation instructions, a layout drawing, which should define all modules and field work required to interconnect the modules and pieces shipped loose.

Piping skids shall be designed pinned to main skid and capable of resisting forces from Purchaser's piping connected to the skid. Purchaser shall not be required to provide more than vertical support for the skid.

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