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Mathematical Statements Are Unambiguous :  Consider any mathematical concept that you're familiar with, say, a sphere. The definition of a sphere is clear and precise. Given any object, you can very definitely say whether It is a sphere or not. Similarly, the definition of any concept in mathematics, or any mathematical statement, is absolutely unambiguous, leaving no place for doubt. This is because we formally construct this abstract world of mathematics by first accepting a certain set of axioms which are consistent. Then, on the basis of these axioms, we formally define certain concepts clearly and precisely. Once the axioms are chosen and the situation defined, there is no scope for ambiguity.

Very often, of course, when we apply mathematical terms to real-life situations, we use the terms loosely, and not according to their. Mathematical definition That is when the term can become imprecise. A good example is the usage of 'half in day-to-day conversation, which we shall talk more about in Block 4. I'm sure you can think of several other examples.

E1) List some more examples of a mathematical term being used 'imprecisely in day-to-day situations. Give reasons for your choice.

So far, we have talked about various aspects of mathematics that can often be found in other disciplines too. But what we are going to talk about now is peculiar to mathematics.



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