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Q. Material Selection for Insulation?

Material for 15ºC to 650ºC temp range is Calcium Silicate, Manville Thermo-12 or approved equivalent.

Material for -18ºC to 230ºC temp. range is Mineral Fibre (ASTM C547), Manville Micro-Lok or approved equivalent. The upper service temperature is limited by the decomposition temperature of organic binders that give the insulation its rigidity (approximately 175ºC). Operation substantially above the decomposition temperature causes the insulation to loose its compressive strength and resiliency, but not its thermal performance. Mineral fibre is not suitable for long term service at process temperatures above the indicated limit, particularly when it will be subject to external loads (i.e., wind) or vibration. With Owner's prior written consent, mineral fibre may be installed for service above the indicated temperature limit.

Material for -175ºC to 482ºC temp range is Cellular Glass (Pittsburgh Corning Foamglass or approved equivalent) for piping or equipment in areas that are likely to be submersed.

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