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a) IPod -Line / Mass production is most suitable given that Apple can sell the standardised product to mass markets across the world. Only small variations to the production process is needed for different versions of the iPod (e.g. 8GB or 4GB models), but there is a large enough market for each of these to mass produce the product.

b) Wedding cakes - batch production or Job production could be used. In some cases, clients may demand a highly unique cake (job production) which is made to order. In other cases, clients may be given a choice from several different cakes on offer (batch production). Customers might as well buy a batch-produced cake but have finishing touches to make the cake more unique.

c) Cookies (biscuits) - Batch production is most suitable as each group of products is standardised but the product can be modified somewhat to produce diverse batches of cookies, e.g. plain or chocolate chip flavour.

d) Navy battleships - Job production will be most appropriate as navy battleships are highly sophisticated and expensive products with unique capabilities and features. The infrequency of orders and the huge costs of production also make it complicated to use batch production.

e) Plasma televisions - Large manufacturers, such as Samsung and Sony, are likely to use mass/line production, especially as the global market for plasma televisions continues to grow.

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