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Ask question #Minimum 100 words acceptNas food produces to kinds of popular dark chocolate bars. the banana and coffee. the banana bar costs 0.22 to make and sells of 0.35, where as the coffee bar cost 0.40 to make and sells for 0.55. The company has 15.000 ounces of chocolate in stock, and the manager identify that each ounce of banana bar requires 10 ounces of chocolate while the coffee bar requires 35 ounces of chocolate. In addition, the manager has specified that a minimum of 1000 of the banana bars and 1200 of the coffee bars should be made.

1. what are the decisions variables in this problem

2. what are the constraints

3. formulate a linear programming model that will enable the manager to determine how many of each kind of bar to produce in order to satisfy the conditions specified with maximum profitsed#
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