Layout: Line balancing., Operation Management

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Layout: Line balancing

Kiko Teddy Bear is a manufacturer of stuffed teddy bears. Kiko would like to be able to produce 40 teddy bears per hour on its assembly line. The following information will assist in answering the questions that follow:

Task Information for Kiko Teddy Bear

Work Task Immediate Task
Element Description Predecessor Time (sec)

A Cut teddy
bear pattern None 90

B Sew teddy bear cloth A 75

C Stuff teddy bear B 50

D Glue on eyes C 20

E Glue on nose C 15

F Sew on mouth C 35

G Attach Manufacturer B 15
H Inspect and pack
teddy bear D,E,F,G 40

a) Draw a precedence diagram.
b) What cycle time would provide the desired output ?
c) What is the maximum possible output of the line ?
d) What is the theoretical minimum number of work stations using the cycle time computed
in (b) above ?
e) Assign tasks to specific work stations using the cycle time computed in (b) above.
f) Compute the efficiency and idle time percent of the balanced line.

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