KRPano, C/C++ Programming

I am seeking an expert to create a 360 degree virtual tour in KRPano for use on PCs, tablets and smartphones. You will be given with panoramas in order to create an advanced KRPano virtual tour which must include the subsequent:

1. Thumbnail Gallery with pop-up information of each virtual tour panorama, ie information should change for each panorama.

2. Navigational/ Hotspots arrows (to link one pano to another)

3. Floorplan (can also be hidden)

4. Logo insertion on top left-hand side and another logo in the nadir shot

5. Sitemap

6. Links to Facebook, Tripadvisor, etc

7. available in three languages

An example will be given to you. Source codes must be provided, and you must sign a confidentiality agreement.

Skills required are ActionScript, XML, Javascript
Posted Date: 10/12/2016 12:24:26 AM | Location : United States

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