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what is a balancing depth

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Explain about the pre-tensioning systems, Pre-tensioning systems In the...

Pre-tensioning systems In the previous unit we have seen different steps in a pretensioning operation. Tendon wires or strands (formed as a rope type arrangement made of  sever

Permanent repairs to rail fracture, Q. Permanent Repairs to rail fracture? ...

Q. Permanent Repairs to rail fracture? (i) If the fracture is such that, wide gap A T welding ban be adopted, then the total length of fractured ends to-be cut shall be equal t

Design of steel lug angles with channel sections.., while designing the lug...

while designing the lug angles with the channel section what does "the force not acccounted for by the direct connection of member" mean?

Functions of a column in a building, What are the functions of a column in ...

What are the functions of a column in a building? Ans) A column is used to handle the weight of the roof and/or the upper floors. Now days, many columns are used for decorative

Sanitary, Design a sewer network

Design a sewer network

Determine the project duration and critical path, Critical Path - Activity ...

Critical Path - Activity on Node The project precedence table shown below provides the relationships and durations of all activities. Based on end-of-day calculations for start

Define the spalling - underwater inspection of bridge, Define the Spalling ...

Define the Spalling - underwater inspection of bridge? A spall is a roughly circular or oval depression in the concrete. Corroding reinforcement can cause spalls and reinforcin

Cement, CEMENT Cement is a normally used binding material in the constr...

CEMENT Cement is a normally used binding material in the construction. By burning a mixture of argillaceous (clay) and calcarious (calcium)  material at a very high temperature

Bolder, what is a bolder?

what is a bolder?

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