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I am the inventor of the railway signaling device now operated by timer. I wish to move on to the next phase where the equipment will be operated by DTMF codes. The device is a signaling device for railways to protect work crews working on the track.

what I need the design capability for is to perform the following actions using radio signals and initiate 4 actions. The actions can be described as follows
1- create a source of a DTMF code from radio with a minimum range of 3 miles to initiate remotely the display of a certain color signal to indicate to trains that a crew is working on the track. the portable signaling device will then initiate the movement of the flag (much like s sjicece of bread coming out of s tosster) into the displayed position. this is a mechanical process now initiated by timer. Once the signal is then displayed position it ,toggles a limit switch on the display mechanism which initiates step 2.

2- Step two is that the signaling device sends a radio signal back to the initiating radio indicating that the flag is in display position this could be any special code or computer-generated voice reply. Example"flag is now in display position"

3- at the end of the work session the operator sends a DTMF code the flag device which initiates the mechanical movement of the flag back to the non-display position. at the end of the movement a limit switch initiates action 4.

4- this step is the reverse of step two where the signaling device sends a message back to the radio of the operator to indicate that the flag is now in the non-display position.

The particular challenge that I have is to come up with the system that operates independently and does not interfere with current DTMF code operated equipment on major railways within the US rail system. I need to have 4 of these units operating within 4 miles for each operator. The control radio will thus need to have a minimum range of 3 miles.

where would I need to go to get the design capability on cost sensitive budget to work with me to advance design of this control system as above.

Chuck Douglass
Kamloops BC
phone 250 319 4604


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