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L Company, a manufacturer of family cars, has invested in a robotic painting system for its cars Ensuring the right quality of paintwork on each car is a critical success factor for the company

However, the project to deliver the robotic painting system has experienced a number of problems. At the end of the project, expenditure was over budget and the level of reliability specified in the project quality document has not been met. The company is now facing main quality issues with the robotic system not delivering the standard of paintwork required by the customer. This is resulting in cars being delivered late to the customer and this is making reputational issues for L Company.

Discuss the importance of undertaking a project completion review and give examples of what would be involved in like a review for the robotic painting system project

At the end of the project, an independent post completion evaluation and review of the project should be undertaken. This might involve debriefing meetings with all parties concerned to assess project performance. The process will have assessment of all aspects of project performance including the issues with the level of quality achieved, the cost and time variances and the effectiveness of the project manager and the project team.

The review will give an opportunity to discuss the successes and failures of the project process. The feedback should provide the reinforcement of good skills and behaviours and the identification of areas for improvement or alter in practice for the smooth running of future projects.



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