Importance of general and subsidiary rules, Civil Engineering

Q. What is the importance of General and subsidiary rules. What is the main differences between the two.

Ans.- Importance of General and subsidiary  rules -

General and subsidiary rules are framed with on objective to move trains safely in a stream lined manner. General rules are framed taking into consideration its applicability on entire Indian Railways. These rules are framed by Railway Board while subsidiary rules are prepared by Zonal Railways. i.e. com taking into consideration the local condition & trend of traffic on that particular Railway.

Differences between General and subsidiary  rules -


Subsidiary  rules

1. Framed by Railway Board & generally applicable on Indian Railways.

2. In rule book these rules are given in bold letters giving independent number.

3. Ensure general safety.

4. These are independent ones.

5. May be amended / super seeded / cancelled through Railway Board only.

1. Framed by COM of Zonal Railway & applicable on that particular railway only.

2. These rules are only in small letters & have been given the same number of the seated general rule.

3. These are more restricted.

4. These rules are subsequent to the relevant general rules.

5. May be amended / super seeded / cancelled by the authorized officer ( COM ).

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