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It is important to explain to the patient about importance of taking treatment regularly. In case he misses the dose or takes medicine or insulin irregularly, explain the side effects. Help the patient to adhere to the treatment prescribed by the doctor. Patient should not change the dose or timing without the prescription of the doctor. He should not mix the treatment with medicine from homeopathy, ayurveda system etc. Taking regular treatment and follow up with a doctor will help the patient to control blood sugar level and prevent complications.

We have observed that diabetic patients tend to become careless when it comes to complying with the treatment. The reasons are:

·  Diabetes has no acute signs and symptoms means patient does not have immediate pain etc., which makes patient relaxed.

·  The myths associated with diabetes and its management are many.  These often mislead; the patients and they give up the treatment. They try alternate medicines from traditional system of medicine.

·  Since the management of diabetes is life long and requires dietary restrictions, patients often tend to deviate.

·  Patient adjusts drug dose and diet by himself.

·  Social pressures sometimes act in a negative way.

·  In poor socio economic classes, even cost of treatment can be a reason for improper compliance.

The diabetic community worker should help the individual as well as the community to understand the facts about the importance of compliance. They need to be told that it if there are intermittent spells of raised blood sugar  levels, this leads to  'poor control. One has to ensure good compliance as it is important.

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