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Importance of Behaviour Change Communication

BCC is an in built part of a diabetes prevention, care and support program. Importance of BCC:

· Increase knowledge. BCC can ensure that people are given the basic facts about diabetes in a language or visual medium (or any other medium that they can understand and relate to).

· Community discussion. BCC can encourage community discussions on the basic facts of diabetes and the underlying factors that contribute to the delay in treatment. Importance of modifying the life style and extend support and basic health services to the patient.

· Promote attitude change. BCC can lead to appropriate attitudinal changes about, for example, perceived complications of diabetes, prevention of diabetes, modification of diet, etc.

· Reduce stress of patient and family. Provide information about the treatment, facilities, services in government and private health sector and self help groups.

· Create a demand for information and services. BCC can urge individuals and communities to demand information on diabetes and appropriate services.

· Promote services for prevention, care and support. BCC can promote services for diabetic patient and their family members; support groups for diabetics; treatment and care for other problems due to diabetes; and also extend social and economic support.

· Improve skills and make patient independent. BCC programs can focus on teaching or reinforcing new skills and behaviors, such as regular exercise, modifying diet, taking insulin injection, precautions when alone or driving or traveling. This will help in building confidence and taking decisions independently.

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