Implement immutable data type rational for rational number, Mathematics

Implement an immutable data type Rational for rational numbers that supports addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

public class Rational

Rational(int numerator, int denominator)


plus(Rational b)

sum of this number and b


minus(Rational b)

difference of this number and b


times(Rational b)

product of this number and b


divides(Rational b)

quotient of this number and b


equals(Rational that)

is this number equal to that?



string representation


  1. You do not have to worry about testing for overflow, but use as instance variables two long values that represent the numerator and denominator to limit the possibility of overflow.
  2. Use Euclid's algorithm to ensure that the numerator and denominator never have any common factors.
  3. Include a test client that exercises all of your methods.



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