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CAD*I Interface

The CAD*I interface was developed within the framework of the ESPRIT Project 322 of the European Commission. The project was started in 1985 and had duration of five years. The results are recorded in the literature of Schlechtendahl (1988 and 1989). The emphasis of this project was placed on the data exchange between various CAD systems, the exchange of CAD and FEM models and the conception of a neutral databank for CAD data. 

For the realization of the data exchange reference architecture models for 3-D wire frame, surface, CSG and b-rep representations were established, and an interface for FEM applications was specified. For the description of CAD data structures, the specification language HDSL (High-level Data Specification Language) was designed. This language allows the expression of all essential elements of a CAD data structure with the help of special language constructs. 


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