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What is Ideal and Real Sources?

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Explain the steps of the evolution of the microcontroller, Question: a)...

Question: a) Give one reason why a "subroutine" could be written into the body of the main program. b) With the help of the diagram below, write down the sequence of the ni

Power, what is reactivecpower

what is reactivecpower

Direct tapping and unmetered connections, Direct Tapping and Unmetered Conn...

Direct Tapping and Unmetered Connections Direct Tapping Direct tapping of power by non-customers is widely prevalent. This is mainly in domestic and agricultural categori

Solar steam power generator, This project is about another particular appli...

This project is about another particular application of a particular embodiment of the patent: A Long Stroke Steam Engine using Solar Generated Steam. The machine elements such as

Determine the expected voltage levels at the output, The subsequent voltage...

The subsequent voltage-source multiplying DAC is to be utilized to convert the digital data stream "11" and "01" to an analog signal.  It has 2-bit inputs and hence is capable of c

What is the significance of negative voltage, Q. What is the significance o...

Q. What is the significance of giving a negative voltage to the gate higher than that of the source?  This is done to reach the saturation at a lower of level of V DS .  The re

Dc motors, costruction and working of dc motor

costruction and working of dc motor

Output waveforms for a differentiating circuit, Q. Discuss the output wavef...

Q. Discuss the output waveforms for a differentiating circuit. The output waveform from a differentiating circuit depends upon the time constants and shape of the input wave.Th

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