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The first work you do in IDEA IS SECTION 2.5. The accounts receivable folder that you are instructed to select on page 25 is a folder that you are to create previously on page 23. The data path specified in 2.5.1 on page 23 is just a recommended path. You can create a folder called "IDEA" anywhere (I recommend creating it on your desktop so you can find it easily). Once you create the IDEA folder, you need to create another folder within that one and call it "Accounts Receivable." This is where you will be saving all of the IDEA files for this project. Once these two folders are set up, you need to copy the two files specified on page 23 from the IDEA CD and paste them into your Accounts Receivable folder.

Once you have all of the above completed, then revisit the instructions on page 24 and 25 and you should be able to navigate to the Accounts Receivable folder that you created (it will be found within the IDEA folder that you also created) and select it as the Working Folder.

To successfully complete this project:

1. Walk through and complete the process described in Chapter 2, related to the analysis of an accounts receivable database and other IDEA functionality. Approximately 11 files are generated from this process. Keep them in one directory and follow the remaining instructions for uploading the completed assignment.

2. Write a one-page narrative in MS Word that documents the audit and data analysis processes that you employed using IDEA and that explains the audit findings presented in 2.17 (these are your “check figures” or the answers you should arrive at upon completing the assignment). For example, you may have some customers who were not approved for credit.

3. For each audit finding, insert a screenshot into the narrative that supports your finding and/or comments.

4. Compress and zip your 11 IDEA files and your narrative (that includes screenshots) into one file with the naming format: last name first Upload the .zip file to your Assignment Folder in Blackboard. This assignment should take no longer than 3 hours.To compress and zip files in Windows 7, locate the desired files on your computer (use either Windows Explorer or My Computer), select each file that you want to include in the .zip by holding CTRL and clicking on the file. Right-click and on the Menu that appears select Send To, Compressed zipped) File. The compress file will generate in the folder from which you are working. Rename the file according to the format above. Note: you may select files with different extensions (ie .doc, .xls) to include in your .zip file.

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