i dont grasp it, Algebra

please help I just done grasp algebra
Posted Date: 11/12/2013 9:09:07 PM | Location : United States

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As the heading recommend here we will be solving quadratic equations by factoring them. Zero factor property or zero factor principle  To solving quadric equation by factor

In this section we have to take a look at the third method for solving out systems of equations.  For systems of two equations it is possibly a little more complex than the methods

7a + 6b = 14 -7a + b =35 solve by the elimination method

There are also two lines on each of the graph. These lines are called asymptotes and as the graphs illustrates as we make x large (in both the +ve and -ve sense) the graph of the h

Also, as x obtain very large, both positive & negative, the graph approaches the line specified by y = 0 .   This line is called a horizontal asymptote. Following are the genera

when I have the equation of 6x-9y=18 and I have to graph the answers I am not sure how to come up with the answers, please help