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The results of a survey determined whether the age of a driver 21 years and older has any effect on the number of motor vehicle accidents in which he/she is involved.
Question 1: test at the 1% level of significance, the hypothesis that the number of accidents is independent of age of the drives.
Question 2: a local radio station advertises that at least 30% of listeners in its reception area tune into its daily news broadcasts. A company that is considering advertising on tis radio station in its news slots want to test the validity of this statement. they will place adverts in the news timeslots if the radio station''s statement can be verified. The company conducted a telephone survey of 400 randomly selected listeners to test the radio statement. If 106 listeners in the survey indicated that they tuned into the local radio''s news broadcasts. at the 5% level of significance, should the company place adverts in the radio station''s timeslots?

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