How will you deal with common level of presentation, Business Economics

You are dissatisfied along with the common level of presentation of one of your team. The quality of work is below your hopes. How will you deal along with this?

You could take the given approach but keep in mind that performance issues are generally more complex than a simple checklist might suggest.

a. Are your expectations regarding the quality of work clear and well understood by that team member? Is she or he new to the team?

b. Are there purposes that you know regarding that might be influencing the level of performance? Home, family, travel issues or unfamiliarity with the kind of work. Is it a question of competence or commitment?

c. It is a problem solving or coaching opportunity and not a disciplinary circumstance.

d. Having prepared, found with the individual the level of performance imagined, and the gap among the expected and actual performance.

e. Investigate the reasons for the gap. Acquire the individual’s point of view first.

f. Agree actions to remove the gap.

g. Summarise along with precision. Fix a follow-up review.

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