How to start working with simpower, MATLAB Programming

How to Start Working withSimpower:

1. In the Simulink screen, open a new "Model" (File àNewà Model), name it and save it.

2. Expand the SimPowerSystems library, select and drag the required models onto the new model screen.

3. Drag the required scope onto the new model screen.

4. After connecting all required models, scopes and setting the parameter values accordingly, it is ready to start simulation. Powergui block will be added automatically into the new model screen after starting simulation or it can also be dragged to the new screen.

Powergui block provides useful graphical user interface (GUI) tools for the analysis of Power Systems Blockset models.


The Scope block displays its input with respect to simulation time. The Scope block can have multiple axes (one per port); all axes have a common time range with independent y-axes. The Scope allows you to adjust the amount of time and the range of input values displayed. You can move and resize Scope window and you can modify the Scope's parameter values during simulation.

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