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Q. Ca+2 = 20 ppm, Mg+2 = 25 ppm, CO2 = 30 ppm, HCO-3 = 150, K+ = 10 ppm. Calculate the lime (87% pure) and soda (91% pure) required softening 1 million litters of water sample.


Calculation of CaCO3 equivalent of given impurities:



Amount of substances in mg/L

Multiplication factor

CaCO3 equivalent mg/L



20 ppm


100/40*20 =50



25 ppm


100/24*25 = 104.16



30 ppm


100/44*30  = 68.181



150 ppm


100/122*150 = 122.95



10 ppm

Not produce hardness


Lime required:

74/100[Mg++ + CO2 + HCO-3 as CaCO3 equivalent] mg/L *Volume of water*100/%purity

74/100[104.16 + 68.181 + 122.95] mg/L*1000000l*100/86

74/100[295.29] mg/L * 100000*100/87

= 251.16*106 mg

= 251.16*106 mg*1Kg/106

= 251.16

Soda required = 106/100[50 + 104.16 – 122.95] mg/L *1000000*100/91

   = 100/106[31.21] mg/L*106*100/91

   = 36.35*106 mg

   = 36.35*106 mg*1Kg/106

    = 36.35Kg

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