How are solid core fibers terminated, Physics

How are solid core fibers terminated?

The very architecture of solid core fibers creates the precise termination is a not easy operation, although it should be said that in most applications a precise end are academic. Solid core fibers are seems as softer than PMMA or glass and hardness is a precondition for precise polishing. Moreover if an attempt is made to polishing, the compounds, whether Cerium based or otherwise, are always in a grease or wax medium and seep in among the Teflon coating and the core that ruining the optic. Standard finishing methods for the single ends dispense with polishing and solve to cutting with particular tools where the quality and sharpness of the blade find out the accuracy of the cut. Further polishing can be accomplished along with thermal treatment but only in factory installations. Research is in this way to polish solid core fibers using very low temperatures otherwise with water jets and laser cutters with uncertain degree of success.

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