Give detail explanation about arithmetic micro-operations, Computer Engineering

Give detail explanation about Arithmetic Micro-operations

These micro-operations perform some essential arithmetic operations on numeric data stored in the registers. These basic operations can be addition, subtraction, incrementing or decrementing a number and the last one is arithmetic shift operation. An 'add' micro-operation may be specified as: R V R + R3 1 2

It implies: add contents of registers R and R and store sum in register R .1 2 3

The add operation mentioned over requires three registers along with addition circuit in ALU.

Subtraction is implemented with complement and addition operation as:

 R  V R - R3 1 2 is implemented as

 R  V R + (2's complement of R )3 1 2

 R  V R + (1's complement of R  + 1)3 1 2

 R  V R + R  + 13 1 2

An increment operation can be shown as:

 R  V R + 11 1

While a decrement operation can be refer as:

 R  V R - 11 1


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