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different framing methods

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How to identify connectivity problems- ccna, Identify Connectivity Problems...

Identify Connectivity Problems  Step 1: Use the ping command to test network connectivity. Use the following table to test the connectivity of every network device.

Enable both arpa and snap encapsulation, You need to enable both arpa and s...

You need to enable both arpa and snap encapsulation on single router interface. How do you do this? Ans)Assign two network numbers, one for every encapsulation type.

Access-list range for an extended ip access-list, Recognize the access-list...

Recognize the access-list range for an extended IP access-list? Ans) IP extended access-lists use the number range of 100-199.

Show about alternate mark inversion, Q. Show about Alternate mark inversion...

Q. Show about Alternate mark inversion? Bipolar AMI - Neutral, zero voltage represents binary 0 - Binary 1s symbolized by alternating positive and negative voltages

What is the protocol number for tcp, Transmission Control Protocol - TCP i...

Transmission Control Protocol - TCP is a connection oriented transport layer protocol with built unreliability. It considers a large block of data and breaks it down into segments

Tools that an attacker can use to crack wep, Question: Consider that yo...

Question: Consider that you have to configure a small WLAN of 8 computers using Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and that you have to best make use of its available security f

Barters, What is a OSI layer 2 device called a "barter"?

What is a OSI layer 2 device called a "barter"?

Distance vector and link-state protocol, What's the difference among distan...

What's the difference among distance vector and link-state protocol?

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