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all of these are examples of fossil fuel EXCEPT:coal,petroleum,corn oil or natural gas?

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Explain the Anterior Pituitary The anterior pituitary gland or adenohypophysis consists of three types of cells - acidophils, basophils and chromophores according to their stai

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Fractures : It is not our intention to introduce you to many types of fractures that can occur or all the ways a first aider might deal with them. The essential thing is that you

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Primary processing of pulses Dry pulse seeds have a tight and fibrous seed coat (husk or skin) that envelops the cotyledons, which often is indigestible and may have a bitter

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Explain the Kidney as an Endocrine Gland The kidney produces substances that can be described as hormones. Hormones are the chemicals produced by glands in the body and circula

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REQUIREMENTS 1. Stock register of a science laboratory 2. Loose paper sheets 3. Pen 4. Pencil 5. Rubber

#titleAI, I need to write a research paper on AI

I need to write a research paper on AI

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Define the both macronutrientand micronutrient. An element necessary in large amounts (usually > 50 mg/kg in the plant) for the growth of plant is called a macronutrient and in

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The difference between hard and soft water Collect some hard water from a stream(or make some as defined in the next experiment). Also secure some soft water like as rain wate

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Explain Passive transport or diffusion - Mechanism of Urine Formation Passive transport or diffusion: Diffusion means the random movement of particles in a fluid. The movement

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