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If water is pumped from a pristine stream and piped to a storage tank installed on a tower above the facility,
a) What is the minimum dimension for "X" to achieve the required pressure and flow?
b) What pump head, ha, is required?
c) There is a pressure gage at the pump outlet. What would the reading be in psig when the pump is running?
d) There is a pressure gage at the pump inlet. What would the reading be in psig when the pump is running? Explain how the pump runs if there is a negative pressure at the pump inlet.
e) If the total flow of all users (sinks, toilets, showers) is 20 gpm on the average, what percent of the time would the pump need to run to maintain an approximately constant level in the tank given it can pump 50 gpm?

Ignore piping friction loss. Also the pump capacity is 50 gpm.

At the sink, a pressure of 15 psig is required just upstream of the sink valve and a flow rate of 5 gpm when the sink valve is fully open.
Please show your work.
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